In Mosaic Music Lessons' private music lessons, style, technique, musicality, & foundational studies are taught in an interactive & fun format. Our comprehensive approach to instruction is aimed at fostering a love for music in every student we teach. We offer lessons at our location on Bridge Street in Phoenixville, including everything from private guitar lessons, singing lessons, piano lessons for beginners through advanced students, and lessons on ukulele, strings, saxophone, brass, clarinet, flute, percussion, and electric bass.


Why Mosaic?

As we study a piece of music, we examine the separate artistic elements of the piece: style, technique, expression, rhythm, that when everything we have learned is put together, the separate elements give us one unified and beautiful piece of music.

Mosaic Music Lessons was formed in 2014 by Lindsay Woessner. 

About  our Private Music Lessons in phoenixville

About Us

Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy that comprehensive music instruction can be delivered in an accessible, fun and engaging format. All private music lessons are adapted to meet each student's unique learning style. Every student is different, so every lesson is different, too! Looking for guitar lessons for kids, beginner piano lessons through advanced, or vocal lessons? Are you an adult seeking a rewarding  hobby to pursue? Look no further!